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Coast To Coast 2018

Posted by Joe & Mary on September 11, 2018 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

On 17th August 5 cars went to Morcambe to do the C2C run, some went early and had a holiday beforehand and the rest went on the 16th, this run was 170 miles from Morcambe to Scarborough across some of the most beautiful countryside Yorkshire has to offer, organised by Norman Verona and with no charge to enter, Norman explained he was bored so thought it would give him something to do, starting at the lovely Art Deco Midland Hotel, with a coffee & cake stop mid morning, a lunch stop with a full carvery & a cream tea in Goathland, with a photo taken of all 92 MG's as they passed Scripps Garage "of Heartbeat fame" Norman did a supperb job with the help of his wife Lynne. Not an easy day with lots of narrow hill tops, open moorland, cattle grids & a gated road that a local couple who only lived 40 mins away didn't even know it was open to the public, then a fabulous open road near Catterick with endless brows where the car was really going light on the crests, a great varied run through fantastic scenery, a very long but memorable day & well done to our Anita who completed the whole of the route. We are now looking forward to his run next year. 

Chilham Castle 2018

Posted by Joe & Mary on June 14, 2018 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Two day's after Deal eight cars visited Chilham Castle,  Paul Thompson know's the local historian and got us an invite free of charge and a prime parking place in front of the house .

We all met for coffee first, and had a chat with some bikers on route to Margate before driving up to the castle, the grounds are only open Sunday during the summer and this one is when thay hold the Chilham Chase annual run, this has been run each year without fail making it the oldest run in the country, the gardens were lovely with quality good's on sale, home made cake's, sweets and pimms.

        The Morgan car club were there it being one of the bigger meetings of the year, talking to one couple with a Morgan they said they were amazed we all turned up and put all our chairs out together in a circle and were talking and laughing, our lot just go off in different directions and hardly talk at all. A really great day. Thank you Paul and the fact you even had a nurse on stand by was very reassuring indeed.

Deal Classic Car Show 2018

Posted by Joe & Mary on June 12, 2018 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Eight cars went to the Deal show on the 26th of May, we met in Ringwould and drove in together, Pauls Midget 's clutch gave up but fortunatly being close to home, quickly got a tow.

The show this year was bigger than ever with over six hundred car's truck's and motor bike's load's of various exibitor's two different stages with band's and singer's all day, but with show being so large we had to carry chairs for about 500 yard's to be able to enjoy the music, with the Lifeboat Station open, good weather,  classic double decker buses giving free trip's in and out of Deal all day, it is a good event.

Paul has had his clutch fixed and taken the Midget to Selsey for the summer, so he and Jilly can use it while they are there. 

Cobweb Run 2018

Posted by Joe & Mary on May 3, 2018 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

This years cobweb run on April the 22nd was the most amazing weather ever, with blue skys and temperatures reaching 24c the hottest April day for 69 years how lucky were we.

Organised by Rick and Julie, the start was at Brogdale farm shop we were given strick instructions to park neatly,  after a good chat we set off down some lovely lanes not a patch of mud anywhere rare for a cobweb run,  the coffee stop was at Oad Street food and crafts,  after coffee and cake most of us purchasd a huge bunch of Rhubarb (I had crumble every day for a week) the next part of the route took us  back towards Canterbury  and lunch at the Blean Tavern via more villages and woods with bluebells, primroses and hedgerows in fresh leaf it was a joy to be out with roofs down at last, at lunch the staff at the pub were asked to pick the two cars they would most like to take home Roger and Gill in their loverly Red B were first with Kevin and Jayne second in Primrose. Thank you so much Rick and Julie an all round lovely day out.

Blood Runners Charity Donation 2018

Posted by Joe & Mary on May 3, 2018 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Adrian from Blood Runners attended our meeting in April to accept a cheque for £300 raised by our members in the last year, he also gave an interesting talk explaining exactly what they do, they run Cars & Bikes at their own expense & from charity donations, they are on standby weekends & nights delivering blood products & other medicines urgently needed for emergency operations, the NHS would have to pay £250 for any normal delivery out of hours, he also told us they have saved the NHS £250,000 in one year alone. Keep up the great work.

        This is the list of call out's last year

     Total runs 3635

     Air Ambulance Restocks 393

      Home Dialysis 179

     Milk Runs  20

     Sample Runs  1192

     Transplant Runs 57

Curling Sunday 4th February

Posted by Joe & Mary on February 14, 2018 at 5:10 AM Comments comments (1)

Not a well known sport but with a new Curling Rink near Tunbridge Wells (the only one in England) it seemed an obvious thing to try & perfect for a winter trip for the club. 16 of us went & were split into 4 groups of 4, 2 groups per lane, the instructor tried very hard to give us a clue as to what to do, most of which we promptly forgot!! we were advised to wear warm layers, they supply the shoes (just as well or none of would have been able to stand up on the ice) it is very slippery!!! Olympic standards we were not, but over the course of 4 games spread out over 2 hours, some of us even managed to get a stone somewhere near the spot or whatever the target is called (to much celebration & arm waving) also some of the members got very competitve & loud even though they did not have a clue what they were doing. A really enjoyable afternoon & it looks like we will be going again, with a nice little coffee bar & possibly organising lunch beforhand. Perhaps a good idea to challange another club to a game.

Awards Evening 2018

Posted by Joe & Mary on January 24, 2018 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Although 12 of the members were on holiday in different parts of the world, we still had 18 present on Monday the 15th January, 10 of us had a curry beforehand and all agreed it was brilliant, the restaurant has just been voted number 1 in Dover and 2nd best Indian in South East Kent, well done Namaste. After going through a few potential runs for the year we gave out the Awards, Cobweb Run Shield:- Rick & Julie, End of Season:- Buster & Marie, Farthest Travelled:- Ken & Silvia, just beating Ian & Jackie by 22 mls, the extra award this year was a photo of a garage door in Deal, this was "the must get it out more" award presented to Paul Roberts who hasn't used his lovely MG Midget for 18 months. The premier award, The Secretaries Trophy for member of the year, was won this year by Jackie Steggle for her hard work organising trips to Warners, sorting parking places, tables in the restaurant & in the Ballroom for the evening shows, congratulations Jackie & thank you for everything you do.

Christmas Get Together 2017

Posted by Joe & Mary on December 17, 2017 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Our get together come Christmas Party on Saturday 16th was at Cin Cin's Wine Bar Deal, from 15:00 Brian the owner opened just for our club, with 26 attending after a few dropped out due to illness, with nice surroundings a simlpe finger buffet and background music (not to loud) the Whitecliffs members still seemed to make one hell of a noise, mostly coming it must be said from the Thanet contingent with a certain member from Finglesham holding his own very well, we all seemed to think the same thing that it was nice to have the opportunity to talk to everyone during the afternoon, which is not always possible at a Dinner & Dance, having said that the ladies do like the chance to have a dance occasionally as well, Buster & Marie sowed the seed of meeting for Christmas drinks, Mary & Myself just thought it would be nice if we could have somewhere to ourselves, fortunately with one phone call it was organised, some of you did seem to drink rather a lot, something Mary frowned on, she doesn't agree with the Devils Brew as she calls it, so single handedly is on a quest to rid the world of all beverages containing alcohol. We have sent a thank you to Brian for stepping in at the last minute. We wish you all a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year. See you in January.

End of Season 2017

Posted by Joe & Mary on November 17, 2017 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

This year our End of Season Run was a little different from usual, starting at The Great Danes Hotel Maidstone, although a large Hotel with a wedding show on they still looked after us very well, with a parking area & plenty of tea, coffee & biscuits also an allocated area for us to sit, we were really impressed, starting out of our usual area we travelled to Sussex & the lovely Ashdown Forrest, taking in some completely different roads, unfortunately no-one had time to play Pooh Sticks due to an accident near Frant, causing all navigators to scratch their heads when ushered by the Police in completely the opposite direction to the route provided, after frantic phone calls to Mary & myself most got back on route ok. The finish at The Ostrich Robertsbridge was still a fair drive from home, so we had lunch earlier than we normally would so as to enjoy the drive home in daylight.

We are now looking forward to Rick & Julie's Cobweb Run in the Spring.

WARNERS 6 - 9th OCTOBER 21017

Posted by Marie & Buster on October 18, 2017 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (2)

22 of our members went to Warners at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. Some of us travelled down the day before and stayed overnight, whilst the rest drove down on the Friday. Once we were all at Warners it was the familiar meet up in the bar!! time for a chat about our travels and what we thought was in store for us over the weekend, especially as it was billed as a '60's weekend'!!
Friday evening we all met up for our meal, Warners food is always very good and offers a wide range of choices, to suit everybody's taste. It was then time to find our allotted table in the hall and enjoy the nights entertainment. Lots of dancing and drinking throughout the evening, until gradually couple by couple everyone went to bed.

After breakfast a few of us decided to pop into town to the only Fancy dress shop on the island. Marcus, Cathie, Rick, Julie, Steve, Jayne, Joe, Mary, Buster and I parked up in the co-op car park. Went off to find the shop only to discover that the owner was away until 11.35, so we all went off shopping in the nearby high street and bagged a few bargains. Back at the shop no-one came so Joe and Mary stayed but the rest of us by this time feeling a bit chilly decided to go back to our cars, whilst there man came over and introduced himself as the MG club secretary that had sent Marcus a route for us to follow tomorrow. He now was unable to join us for the run, but wished us all the best for a great run out to finish up at the Needles.

Now off to the Donkey Sanctuary and have a hot drink and snack, oh and to have a look at the donkeys! When we left it was decided to go to the Garlic Farm, well what should have taken not very long, Rick turned it into a Marathon!! Lots of the roads in the area were closed for road works, but businesses were still open for business, but Rick just kept on going and going and going, eventually he did decide to go down one of the roads and we finally made to the farm! phew.... we went straight to the sample room and began trying all different types of garlic in various pickles etc... it was then off to purchase some in the shop!
It was then off to Oasis for a look around and more coffee, after which Rick, Julie, Steve and Jayne returned to Warners whilst Marcus, Cathie, Buster and myself went off to visit Ryde, for chips and a walk along the pier. After getting some chips we walked along the pier only to be followed by so many sea gulls chasing and squawking at us for a chip, which Marcus finally gave in and gave them some! He was then repaid with a nice dollop of gull droppings on his trousers! On our walk we saw a nice blue Renault 4 GTL, some fishermen and a hovercraft taking off!!! We then found a very good fancy dress shop and managed to buy all the items we needed, thankfully!

Back at Warners it was time to start getting into our costumes ready for a night of the swinging 60's! On our way downstairs a couple were just coming out of their room when Buster and I walked passed and I heard the man say " Hey Love the Band for tonight have just walked past!" we couldn't but laugh all the way down the stairs, where we met more people who said "Oh is it Fancy Dress tonight?" again more laughter! But the best was yet to come, when we walked into the bar area and saw our other MG friends who absolutely burst out laughing at us two in our costumes! I'm still not quite sure why... maybe the photos will help?........ The smiles continued all the way into the dining room, for all of us that had dressed up! Don't think they quite knew what to make of us all........ Once we finished dinner it was off to the hall, and the dancing, photos and drinks began, it was a very good evening, finishing with Marcus, Cathie, Buster and I drinking 'shots of Sambuka' - 8 in all........ We then retired to bed couple by couple, once in our room tho I got a phone call from Marcus to say that they were continuing the party in Rick and Julie's room if we would like to join them!! No thanks we just wanted to sleep!!!!





On the Sunday morning after breakfast we all set off on the run that the MG club (from the Isle of Wight) had given to Marcus, nice little road trip around parts of the island, stopping of at the Barns for a bit of shopping, and then going onto the Mouse pub, where some of us stopped for a coffee and sandwich, whilst others continued to the Needles. Larry and Penny met up with a niece that they hadn't seen for some years, so that was a very nice surprise for them and her. Once we got to the Needles it was off to the coloured sand for me as I wanted a keepsake of our time there! sad I know.... Once we'd had enough there, Marcus, Cathie, Buster and I decided to go and find the Botanical Gardens, to have a look around, once there we discovered that it was better to sit in the lovely sunshine and have a nice hot chocolate or coffee and a chat about last night! Back at Warners for our last evening, some thought about dressing up again, but quickly decided not to! I think much to Buster and Marcus' disappointment! The group Union Gap were excellent, the best group of the whole weekend. In the morning, after breakfast it was time to say our goodbyes and make our way back home.

It has been the most memorable Warners weekend Buster and I have had, so we wish to give Jackie a very big Thank You from us especially as you got us in at the last minute, Thank you again.  :)

Also a very big Thank You to all our MG Friends as without you all, it wouldn't have been so much fun!  :D
Marie & Buster