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Bat & Trap @ the Dog & Duck

Posted by Joe & Mary on August 29, 2017 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (1)

 28 members & a few friends attended our August club meeting, we rushed through the agenda leaving more for the September meeting, as the aim was to play Bat & Trap with a BBQ hence the different venue. After some brief instruction from the Landlady we eventually managed to organise ourselves into four teams of seven, after a while we started to get the idea, so when we do it again which I am sure from the response from everyone there we will, we will be a bit more competetive, followed by the BBQ, a really good well attended evening, thank you Buster & Marie.

Club BBQ 23rd July

Posted by Joe & Mary on August 1, 2017 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Paul & Jilly our more sensible & staid members (who am I kidding) organised a BBQ for the club, with music played by Scott his son, on his vinyl collection, kept everyone entertained with music going back to Prince Buster mid sixties, the only thing missing was a strange sickly smelling smoke in he air I can remember from a real dive in Margate I used to visit, The BBQ nearly made up for that, Jilly's son Jack did us proud with his cooking, with all the girls dancing and Marcus showing the way for the men, very impressive, Burgers, sausages & meat balls supplied by Paul & Jilly, everyone brought along a pudding or salad, I think everyone over indulged, a great afternoon & evening. Thank You Paul & Jilly

Nurburgring 25th June

Posted by Joe & Mary on August 1, 2017 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Ever since us both driving my MG around the Nurburgring in 2011 Mary & Myself have always wanted to do the Ring Taxi, in fact we put it on our Bucket List, this is a BMW M5 standard except for racing tyres, and always driven by a professional racing driver who knows the track inside out, we stayed in the Hotel an der Nordschleite at Adenau, 5 miles from the entrance to the circuit, but only metres from the track, the Hotel is where all the petrol heads stay, so the car park was full of Motor Bikes & various heavely tuned cars, a garage just down the road with a pump selling               102 octane fuel and a constant queue of Porche's etc. waiting to fill up, this in itself made good spectating. Sunday morning we went to the circuit early so as to watch the very interesting array of cars going through the barrier to do their lap, in the car park we started talking to a bunch of English lads who had set themselves the challange of buying cars for £250 only, driving to watch Le Mans 24 hour, then through the Alps & Stelvio Pass back to the Nurburgring & driving the circuit, they only lost one of their 6 cars along the route with a broken cam belt. Perhaps this is something we ought to do!!! I am sure the Ladies in the club would love it!!! So to our turn in the Ring Taxi WOW, Mary sat in the front so she could brace her feet on the Bulk Head, to save strain on her back, with 450 B.H.P. at his disposal the driver was a very cool character, telling us the names of the bends, the lowest & highest points sometimes while doing in excess of 150 M.P.H. The car's handling & brakes were astounding, we did 13.2 miles in 8mins 27secs, an average speed of 93 M.P.H. with 73 bends AWESOME!!!

Some of the things we have done this year

Posted by Joe & Mary on July 6, 2017 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

On 7th May 5 cars went to Leeds Castle, a beautiful setting with the grounds to walk around & the Castle, a very good show, really busy with long queues to get in, but everyone said it was fantastic once the weather warmed up.
On the same weekend 2 cars went down to Cowdrey House in Midhurst, a show with an organised run beforehand, and with loads of Supercars going in the opposite direction to Goodwood, quite an unexpected spectacle.
Tenterden on 14th May Rick, Julie, Marcus, Cathie, Buster, Marie, Mary & myself attended this very laid back weekend, organised by the ZR/ZS/ZT/ register, there after all those Z's I'm feeling quite sleepy, no entry fee you just had to register when you turned up, with discount in the cafe and beautiful weather, a good day out, with a nice drive back across country, where Buster , who knows the area well said he wondered where I was going, I think he has the job of leading next time.
Saurday 27th although one of our local shows only 3 cars attended Rick, Julie, Peter Cross in his dazzling Diamond White car, Mary & myself, due mainly to several couples being on holiday in Yorkshire (a seperate report to follow on that one) and a couple of illnesses, agood and busy show, the best it has been so far, Rick sold a lot of garage shelf bits, with a few from me, we made £38 to go towards our yearly charity, well done Rick.
June 4th several cars did The Bucket & Spade Run, always popular, starting at Challock with a run across country to Ramsgate, with a wide assortment of cars a really interesting car park at the end.
July 2nd saw the Teston Lock picnic organised by the Maidstone MG Club, it was a smashing day out, we met at The Halfway House Challock, the meeting place of Ashford & Faversham MG Club, Steve,Jayne, Kevin, Jayne, Frank, Lesley, Larry, Penny, Mary & myself attended & with other clubs invited, 3 cars from Gravesend MG Club, there were about 20 cars altogether. The route to Teston was a very pleasant 35 miles and we were greeted by Brian who had been saving a parking space for us (not easy for that amount of cars) on a very busy day, a pretty park with the Lock & the Oast on the hill, then came the dreaded Pride of Ownership Competition judged by official judge, Norman from Ashford was 3rd, with Graham in his lovely Red car from Ashford 1st, when the judge said 2nd place is car reg PWL 756 J, there were suddenly the words "thats my car" "thats me" "thats my car" and Kevin had 2nd place, he was well made up. As we left later I looked at Kevins car and it was highly polished, and a few marks in the paint on the rear seal had been touched up, So someone had taken it more seriously than they admitted too, a really enjoyable day out, thank you Maidstone.

January meeting

Posted by Joe & Mary on January 19, 2017 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Our first meeting of  year held again at the Black Robin, with a good menu to choose from 22 club members decided to have meal before the meeting and awards for club members exploits during the year.

  Brian burnett the MGOC regional secretary came along to intoduce himself, and tell us about some of the ideas he has for future joint events with other clubs, sharing a list of good MG friendly venues  etc. He then presented the awards.

I felt I had to try and appear efficient and organised, (I failed as usual)

Award winners

Ian & Jackie furthest travelled

Buster & Marie cobweb shield

Joe & Mary end of season shield

Rick for putting himself about a bit (doing lots of shows)

Marcus won the member of the year award which is voted on by club members, another worthy winner, well done every one.

An enjoyable evening on a cold winters night.

Kelly Turner Charity

Posted by Joe & Mary on October 30, 2016 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (0)

 At our monthly meetings our club has a raffle, the proceeds going to charity. This year we donated the £300 raised to KELLY  TURNER a sixteen year old from Dover, with a rare desmoplastic small round cell tumour cancer, that she needs to go to America for treatment as it is not available in the UK, Marcus & Cathie handed the cheque over at a fund raising event at the Dover Working Mens club,  see photo of hand over in photo gallery

Le Mans!

Posted by Marie & Buster on October 15, 2016 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

This you tube video is Joe really enjoying his drive around the Le Mans track!! Not quite so sure that Mary enjoyed it as much!!! ��

Le Mans Classic & Chartres Luminaire

Posted by Joe & Mary on August 5, 2016 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Keeping away from motorways to our overnight stop at Chartres, Via Pacy-sur-Evre & generally heading south avoiding the larger towns. Chartres like many larger French towns in this area, have a light show in the Old Town throughout the summer, we had to sit outside in a bar in the Old Town Square waiting for darkness which arrived at 23.00pm and a bottle of wine later, but it was well worth the wait, following blue lights set in the ground it took us about an hour to walk round, no real distance, but something to take time over, really worth the effort. The next morning, another scorching hot day we drove to our Hotel in Le Mans, just 2 miles from the Mulsanne Straight on the circuit, on Friday we went to the circuit to get the lie of the land ready for Saturday also to do our 2 laps in the MG, our pre-booked time was 11.20am. Wow that was something else, after being told to hang back so you can go flat out before catching up with the pace car, the only thing that spoiled it were some drivers were so slow, we were over taking modern sports cars, (will be putting in car filming on you tube) will tell you when we do, or should I say when a friend of ours does!! The rest of the weekend just got better, with fantastic racing, GT40's & Shelby Cobra's going wheel to wheel, Mary & I were in our element. We were still in shorts & T shirts at midnight when we went back to the Hotel for a few hours sleep, also it was 25c, not often that would happen here. We have put just a few pictures of Chartres & Le Mans on website, Fabulous weekend & very British, most of the races were won by Brits & the largest percentage of the crowd were British as well.

25th Laon Classic & Monet's Garden

Posted by Joe & Mary on June 6, 2016 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (1)

With free coffee, tea & biscuits on the ferry, on the 13th May 9 cars drove down to Laon, checking the weather forecast that looked awful, we ended up with a beautiful few days with temperatures in th 20's. Based at a Campanile, with good parking & easy access, though never enough staff even though they knew they were full up, on the Saturday with 1000 cars to register I thought it would be very chaotic, but it only took 10-15 mins to get parked & registration was very slick. The Saturday run was lovely with so many wide flowing almost empty roads to choose from, the organisers are so lucky, lunch was at Parfondeval, village voted one of the prettiest in France, but still not a patch on our villages, if only it were possible to organise a run on French rural roads through Kentish villages, what a run that would be, 7 cars did the run while Martin & Anita & Frank & Lesley opted to spend the day in Laon old town. Sunday again stayed dry, with 1000 cars to run around the town the organisers had 4 starting points all starting at the same time, this worked very well with less hold ups than usual, with large crowds it was really good, we then opted to park our cars & watch the others, a good move as the cars then did start to grind to a halt.  On Monday Doug & Helen & Steve & Jayne followed an organised route back to Arras for lunch & then on to Calais. While the remaining cars headed south west across country to Beauvais, stopping of to visit the Train at Compiegne where the Armistice was signed at the end of WW1. After getting lost for a while in Beauvais & getting tangled up in a cycle race we arrived at our Hotel for the next 2 nights, with the grumpiest waitress I have ever met, the only reason she kept her job was the fact that the chef was having his wicked way with her. Next morning in beautiful sunshine we drove 44 miles across country to Monets Garden on what turned out to be a really lovely drive. The gardens are always busy but we were lucky with parking (always a problem with several cars) we had pre-booked tickets which was a good move, the Water Gardens & Lily Pond were beautiful not a bit disappointing, by walking round slowly I even managed to take photos with hardly anyone in them, Monets House was also lovely (see photos) Because of the grumpy waitress, that night we all went to a Chinese Restaurant & were very well looked after by the boss One Hung Lo. Wednesday we said goodbye to grumpy drawers & headed north to Amiens for our last night & a visit to the Floating Gardens, I found the day a little disappointing as it was a bit cooler, so we couldn't sit outside by the Canal for lunch, it is wonderful on a sunny day, the trip around the floating gardens was also a bit af a let down as the last time we had an English speaking skipper giving loads of info, but not this time (you would think knowing they had a boat full of English it would have been only right to have someone who spoke at least a little bit of the language) the other boat were luckier.  Thursday Ian & Jackie, Ken & Silvia & Frank & Lesley travelled to Bolougne to a fish restaurant that you have to book days in advance, while the remaining 4 cars headed north across the Somme via Albert, the Lochnagar Crater & the Circle of Remembrance before all meeting in Calais. But with all MG trips things don't always run smoothly, while loading our cars on the last morning, there were Blue lights & black smoke everywhere, the roundabout at the end of the duel carriageway was blocked by protesters with pallets & tyres, after a while we decided to go down the duel carriageway the wrong way only to be met by 2 French mototcycle Police who just smiled stopped the traffic & waved us straight through, meanwhile the other 3 cars encountered roads blocked by protesters going into Bolougne, after asking Motorcycle Police how to get round the blockade to the restaurant the Police decided it was easier to lead them through even stopping traffic to let them straight through junctions, Lesley said she felt like she was in an episode of Chips. I must say the French Police went up in our estimation no end. 

Awards 2016

Posted by Joe & Mary on January 29, 2016 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

 Monday 18th January saw our first meeting of the New Year & to our surprise 25 members turned up, 21 eating at The Black Robin Kingston near Barham.

The meeting ended with the awards won throughout the year being presented again & photos taken, the group one to be in the March issue of Enjoying MG 

The winners were :- Steve & Jayne, Cobweb Run, Kevin, Fastest Le Mans start at Cobweb Run, Andy & Sandra, End of Season Run, Ian & Jackie, Furthest travelled again 5,618mls, Kevin, Member of the Year, Doug, Brightest Shirt at the Christmas Party, & Harry Rook, winning Lets Race, he has not been invited this year, we oldies need a fighting chance. see photos on website.