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WARNERS 6 - 9th OCTOBER 21017

Posted by Marie & Buster on October 18, 2017 at 12:10 PM

22 of our members went to Warners at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. Some of us travelled down the day before and stayed overnight, whilst the rest drove down on the Friday. Once we were all at Warners it was the familiar meet up in the bar!! time for a chat about our travels and what we thought was in store for us over the weekend, especially as it was billed as a '60's weekend'!!
Friday evening we all met up for our meal, Warners food is always very good and offers a wide range of choices, to suit everybody's taste. It was then time to find our allotted table in the hall and enjoy the nights entertainment. Lots of dancing and drinking throughout the evening, until gradually couple by couple everyone went to bed.

After breakfast a few of us decided to pop into town to the only Fancy dress shop on the island. Marcus, Cathie, Rick, Julie, Steve, Jayne, Joe, Mary, Buster and I parked up in the co-op car park. Went off to find the shop only to discover that the owner was away until 11.35, so we all went off shopping in the nearby high street and bagged a few bargains. Back at the shop no-one came so Joe and Mary stayed but the rest of us by this time feeling a bit chilly decided to go back to our cars, whilst there man came over and introduced himself as the MG club secretary that had sent Marcus a route for us to follow tomorrow. He now was unable to join us for the run, but wished us all the best for a great run out to finish up at the Needles.

Now off to the Donkey Sanctuary and have a hot drink and snack, oh and to have a look at the donkeys! When we left it was decided to go to the Garlic Farm, well what should have taken not very long, Rick turned it into a Marathon!! Lots of the roads in the area were closed for road works, but businesses were still open for business, but Rick just kept on going and going and going, eventually he did decide to go down one of the roads and we finally made to the farm! phew.... we went straight to the sample room and began trying all different types of garlic in various pickles etc... it was then off to purchase some in the shop!
It was then off to Oasis for a look around and more coffee, after which Rick, Julie, Steve and Jayne returned to Warners whilst Marcus, Cathie, Buster and myself went off to visit Ryde, for chips and a walk along the pier. After getting some chips we walked along the pier only to be followed by so many sea gulls chasing and squawking at us for a chip, which Marcus finally gave in and gave them some! He was then repaid with a nice dollop of gull droppings on his trousers! On our walk we saw a nice blue Renault 4 GTL, some fishermen and a hovercraft taking off!!! We then found a very good fancy dress shop and managed to buy all the items we needed, thankfully!

Back at Warners it was time to start getting into our costumes ready for a night of the swinging 60's! On our way downstairs a couple were just coming out of their room when Buster and I walked passed and I heard the man say " Hey Love the Band for tonight have just walked past!" we couldn't but laugh all the way down the stairs, where we met more people who said "Oh is it Fancy Dress tonight?" again more laughter! But the best was yet to come, when we walked into the bar area and saw our other MG friends who absolutely burst out laughing at us two in our costumes! I'm still not quite sure why... maybe the photos will help?........ The smiles continued all the way into the dining room, for all of us that had dressed up! Don't think they quite knew what to make of us all........ Once we finished dinner it was off to the hall, and the dancing, photos and drinks began, it was a very good evening, finishing with Marcus, Cathie, Buster and I drinking 'shots of Sambuka' - 8 in all........ We then retired to bed couple by couple, once in our room tho I got a phone call from Marcus to say that they were continuing the party in Rick and Julie's room if we would like to join them!! No thanks we just wanted to sleep!!!!





On the Sunday morning after breakfast we all set off on the run that the MG club (from the Isle of Wight) had given to Marcus, nice little road trip around parts of the island, stopping of at the Barns for a bit of shopping, and then going onto the Mouse pub, where some of us stopped for a coffee and sandwich, whilst others continued to the Needles. Larry and Penny met up with a niece that they hadn't seen for some years, so that was a very nice surprise for them and her. Once we got to the Needles it was off to the coloured sand for me as I wanted a keepsake of our time there! sad I know.... Once we'd had enough there, Marcus, Cathie, Buster and I decided to go and find the Botanical Gardens, to have a look around, once there we discovered that it was better to sit in the lovely sunshine and have a nice hot chocolate or coffee and a chat about last night! Back at Warners for our last evening, some thought about dressing up again, but quickly decided not to! I think much to Buster and Marcus' disappointment! The group Union Gap were excellent, the best group of the whole weekend. In the morning, after breakfast it was time to say our goodbyes and make our way back home.

It has been the most memorable Warners weekend Buster and I have had, so we wish to give Jackie a very big Thank You from us especially as you got us in at the last minute, Thank you again.  :)

Also a very big Thank You to all our MG Friends as without you all, it wouldn't have been so much fun!  :D
Marie & Buster 

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Reply Joe & Mary
5:42 AM on November 18, 2017 
Great report Marie, also it saved me a job. We are looking forward to Christmas 2018 & are looking for Christmas jumpers, Joe already has his Santa suit!!!
I am a bit worried about him he seems to enjoy dressing up (scary) I am thinking of a Mrs Santa suit. We would like to thank Jackie for her hard work organising the staff at Warners, it seems they can only sort out one thing at a time!! Mary & Joe
Reply Marc +Cathie
1:07 PM on October 19, 2017 
A nice report on a great weekend, as the photos show everyone enjoyed themselves. My wig is living happily in a shoe box and enjoys an occasional saucer of milk. A big thanks to everyone for making the weekend one to remember and an even bigger thanks to Jackie & Ian for arranging everything. Here's to December 2018 ( Santa suits & Christmas jumpers a must). Marcus & Cathie