Whitecliffs MG Owners Club - 1108

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Thu. 11/11 All day Remembrance Day
Tue. 11/30 All day St. Andrew's Day
Sat. 12/25 All day Christmas Day
Sun. 12/26 All day Boxing Day
Sat. 1/1 All day New Year's Day
Sun. 1/2 All day Bank Holiday (Scotland)
Mon. 2/14 All day Valentine's Day
Tue. 3/1 All day St. David's Day
Thu. 3/17 All day St. Patrick's Day (N. Ireland)
Thu. 4/21 All day Queen's Birthday
Sat. 4/23 All day St. George's Day
Mon. 5/2 All day May Day
Mon. 5/30 All day Spring Holiday
Sun. 6/19 All day Father's Day
Tue. 7/12 All day Battle of Boyne Day (N. Ireland)
Mon. 8/1 All day Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)
Mon. 8/29 All day Late Summer Holiday, excl Scotland
Sun. 10/30 All day British Summer Time Ends
Mon. 10/31 All day Halloween
Sat. 11/5 All day Guy Fawkes Day
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