Dover Regatta 27th August 2017 Dover Regatta 27th August 2017 Outside the Dover Marina Hotel 204380134 A few of the crowd in front of stage 204380135 Lifeboat men having fun 204380136 Large waves up the beach 204380137 Fabulous old Ford Transporter 204380138 Close up of Transporter 204380139 Innocent metal plaque representing the Pilgrims on the North Downs Way 204380142 Suddenly not so innocent 204380143 204380144 204380145 Security being taken serious, but it didn't stop the crowds 204380146 Nice VW Camper 204380147 Round the world trip Just returning from his trip 204381073 Only just off of the ferry after 18 months travelling 204381074 Notice the long range saddle fuel tank 204381075